Wife for Now

Author: Penny Wylder
Category: Romance
Total pages: 29

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Wife for Now

“Pretend to be my wife. Just for the weekend.”
Some people would have laughed and walked away. But when the word 'wife' comes out of your boss's mouth, you sit up straight. And when your boss is a silver fox with iceberg-blue eyes who clearly loves leg-day at the gym—his butt is seriously amazing—you don't just sit up.
You jump.
You shiver.
You say yes.
48 hours-- that's how long I'm supposed to behave like we're man and wife. He wants the whole package, too. I've fantasized many times about kissing him before.
That doesn't make me less nervous about sleeping in the same bed...
Soon, I forget that we're playing pretend. He'd never marry someone like me.
I'm only his wife for now.
What if I want it to last forever?